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The Caverns and Creatures Gang
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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fan Fiction: Bumping Uglies

Ok, a little bit of background here. After Critical Failures 2 came out, I asked Robert Bevan via Facebook if Caverns and Creatures was Rule 34 compliant yet. It seemed to me that there was some tension between the characters of Cooper and Rhonda, and if it wasn't going against canon, would he let me write it as sexual tension? In what can only be described as a tragic lack of judgment, he said yes.

Because of my job and nomadic lifestyle, it has been all kinds of hard for me to get a flat space, my laptop, and a wifi connection all together at the same time. I've been working on this since February. It's definitely given me an appreciation for the work that goes into even a light comic fantasy novel. . So what I'd like to do is put my short story here, broken into several chunks. It's my love letter to the universe of Caverns and Creatures, even if it comes across more as a manifesto written from a tarpaper shack.

I'm new to Blogger and mostly only get to update by phone, so bear with me.

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